Why Go Green '08

People have been asking me how and why we decided to produce an event like Go Green ’08.  Well, this is how it happened.  Last February Ericka and I were having coffee and were talking about my business GreenLemonaide.  My first season selling green starter kits was successful but I still wished I had more information on green branding, marketing, PR and especially networking.  There was a whole community of people who shared my same values that I wanted to connect with.  I told Ericka that she should produce an event where I could get information on those types of things and she agreed.  As we did research we found there was a great void in sustainability conferences and that our idea would be totally unique- especially to Portland.  So we went for it.  And with Ericka’s vast experience in event promotion we have put together a great lineup of speakers and topics.  As a business owner myself I am looking forward to walking away with a ton of information and contacts.

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