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Emerging Leader Spotlight: Rico Quirindongo, DKA Architecture/Seattle

In 2012 we kicked off a session on emerging leaders. This isn’t your average, “how to work with Millennials” panel. We’re digging into culture shifts as new leaders take the reigns, driving the adoption of a sustainable economy in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned for more spotlights from the next generation of green leaders.  

Rico Quirindongo HeadshotRico Quirindongo looks at his purpose as an architect a bit differently then some might expect — he puts people first, designing structures that not only serve the needs of the community, but also allow for greater engagement with building systems. That space for engagement also sets the foundation for behavior change and culture shift that comes from emergent systems. In our Emerging Leader Spotlight, Rico tells us how we can make our buildings greener and significantly improve our communities in the process.

GoGreen Conference: Has the role of the building changed over the past 100 years? Or is it us that has changed? 

Rico Quirindongo:  It has less to do with the role of the building and more to do changing role of the design team and/or the building owner as they create and maintain a structure. What role does a building play? Continue reading