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Green Vid: GoGreen Portland 2010 New Manufacturing Renaissance

A surge of sustainable companies is doing what many thought impossible just a few years ago–manufacturing goods in the US in sustainable + profitable ways. At GoGreen Portland 2010, we wanted to highlight this trend and gain insight into how four of Portland’s savviest green business leaders were competing in a tenacious global manufacturing market with surprising success.

In The New Manufacturing Renaissance: Innovative Companies Changing the World session moderator Johanna Brickman (Manager, Sustainable Built Environment Program, Oregon BEST), Sattie Clark (Co-Founder, Eleek, Inc.), Mark Stella (Founder, Green Mountain Woodworks), and Marie Franklin (Director of Marketing, Portland Roasting Coffee) share stories and advice for making and selling goods in a market that increasingly supports sustainable value over mere price points.

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Green Vid: GoGreen Portland 2010 Branding Your Sustainable Biz

You’ve worked hard to integrate sustainability into key aspects of your business—now you need to integrate it into your brand story. But how do you do that without smacking of greenwashing? Bring in four of Portland’s brightest CEOs with advice on how to talk sustainability in a distinctly genuine way. In this session from GoGreen Portland 2010, Eric Friedenwald-Fishman (President & Creative Director, Metropolitan Group), Lisa Sedlar (President, New Seasons Market), Alysa Rose (President, Rejuvenation Hardware), and Tom Kelly (President, Neil Kelly) tell their sustainable stories with lessons for telling yours.

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P.S. This session was so popular in Portland, that we’re taking it to Austin + Seattle with local CEOs from those metropolitan areas! Stay tuned to Twitter + Facebook for speaker announcements.

Green Vid: GoGreen Portland 2010 Alternative Vehicle Strategies for Business

Alternative Vehicle Strategies might not sound like the sexiest panel session to hit a green business conference, but rest assured—this one is worth a watch! Steve Hoyt-McBeth (SmartTrips Program) guides Ann Widmer (Chair of Sustainability at Widmer Brothers Brewing), Franklin Jones (CEO + Founder of B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery) and Mark Frohnmeyer (President + Founder of Arcimoto) through a candid, yet optimistic conversation on how to scale sustainable vehicle systems for your business.

Vodpod videos no longer available.