Brooklyn Navy Yard | Ushering In A New Manufacturing Renaissance in NYC

Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, we’ve tied manufacturing to smoke stacks and polluting factories. But today’s generation of manufacturers — with a keen eye on environmental impact — are cleaning up the sector’s reputation through use of cutting-edge technology, highly efficient processes and a broad array of natural materials that are both high quality and eco-friendly. More than a few of these companies are housed in the revitalized Brooklyn Navy Yard (a community partner we are proud to have on board with GoGreen NYC!). Check out three inspiring businesses based in the complex that epitomize the Manufacturing Renaissance sweeping the nation.

Duggal Visual Solutions
Duggal Visual Solutions is a leading supplier of printing, computer imaging, wide format graphics and display services. GoGreen NYC is also proud to recognize Duggal as our 2012 Printing & Signage Sponsor. For over four decades, Duggal has been pushing the visual solutions industry, always coming up with ways to better their company and its practices.

In 2012, Duggal opened its Greenhouse, the newest of the company’s New York production facilities. Since its launch, the space has already been toured by hundreds of New York business leaders who have marveled at the building’s capacity, aesthetic, and most of all, the environmentally friendly features that position the Greenhouse at the top of its class in terms of sustainability.

IceStone began with a simple mission: to “transform waste glass into something beautiful.” The company has undoubtedly reached this goal, providing recycled glass and concrete countertops for customers that are both visually and environmentally appealing. IceStone has gained popularity with a multitude of clients, and its products are featured in many LEED certified buildings and projects. This year, B Corporation awarded IceStone with its “Best For The Environment” award and the company has also earned Cradle to Cradle Gold Status.

IceStone is proud to share its environmentally conscious practices with anyone interested in a sustainable future in business. Through a series of tours, New Yorkers can learn about the manufacturing processes behind IceStone’s unique and durable surfaces, and also get the chance to learn more about sustainable business practices that take place inside of the Yard.

EcoLogic Solutions
EcoLogic Solutions (ELS) specializes in manufacturing and distributing environmentally-friendly cleaning products. It is the goal of ELS to provide their products to an array of industries — food service, hotels, and educational institutions, just to name a few. By providing sustainable products, EcoLogic Solutions helps businesses green their operations, while keeping costs low. They are also a B Corporation and hold several third party certifications for their products.

For those interested in learning more about any of the above companies or others at the complex, the Brooklyn Navy Yard offers tours on a regular basis. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92 is an exhibition and visitors center dedicated to celebrating the Yard’s past, present, and future. Through its Navy Yard Factory Tour program, BLDG 92 offers the public a chance to experience industries in action through exposure to a selection of active, sustainable manufacturers in the Yard.

Through its impressive roster of residing companies, the Brooklyn Navy Yard shows that economic success and efficiency can still be attained through sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. We’re excited to showcase both the Yard and the inspiring companies that work there in our 2012 New York program. Don’t miss Andrew Kimball, Executive Director, and Aisha Glover, Vice-President for External Affairs, at GoGreen NYC, Wednesday, September 19 at the TimesCenter.

Click here to register!

3:15 – 4:15 pm Andrew Kimball | New Manufacturing Renaissance: Innovative Companies Changing the Playing Field

10:45 – 11:45 am Aisha Glover | The Social Bottom Line: Doing Business As If People Mattered

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