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The big day is almost here! GoGreen 2010 Seattle is tomorrow, April 21 and we are SO excited! We got chills down our spine when we saw the GoGreen banners hanging on 5th street downtown.

The thing about holding a sustainability conference is that this effort doesn’t just stop when we all go home, and then pick up again at the next event. It’s so much bigger than that. The conversation around sustainability is continual and it’s participatory—we need your voice!

Here are some ways you can join in—even if you aren’t attending GoGreen Seattle:

1. Twitter: Use the official GoGreen Conference hashtag (#gogreen10) to follow the day’s events and add your thoughts to the conversation. Collaboration spurs innovation!

2. Blogs + Facebook: Post your takeaways on a blog + let us know, so we can share with our followers! Send a link to @gogreenconf, or Is your blog on sustainable topics? Shoot us a note, so we can follow your work + share.

3. Pictures: Tag your pictures on Twitpic or Yfrog with the #gogreen10 hashtag or post them to our fanpage on Facebook! This goes for GoGreen + beyond. We love to see what you’re doing everyday to help build a green economy and a more sustainable world.

4. Stay tuned for news on ways to stay involved throughout the year by subscribing to our blog! We’ve got some things in the works—including more great interviews with GoGreen speakers—and we’re looking for suggestions too! Leave us a comment or email

See you tomorrow—whether it’s at the Olive8 or on the World Wide Web!

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