Green Vid: Writing Your Sustainability Plan

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Writing Your Sustainability Plan was one of the most popular sessions at GoGreen 2009—and for good reason. Not only is a sustainability plan a crucial step in achieving your green goals, but James Curleigh/KEEN, Clark Brockman/Sera Architects, Mark Morford/Stoel Rives teamed up to be wildly entertaining as well. They left us with several key takeaways:

  • Every industry and business is different. To achieve success, outlining a list of goals that are relevant for your situation is the important second step (the first being to decide you want to pursue a more sustainable path).
  • Sometimes making sustainable decisions is easy (switching to paper with recycled content, purchasing more energy efficient equipment, etc.). Other times it’s not—like when Stoel Rives removed trash cans from their lunch room in an effort to get their employees to rethink their habits. But we adapt and change to fit our environment, and most times your talent will be energized by green ventures. There is no shortage of people out there who want to work for a sustainable company.
  • Have fun with going green! You’re doing good things—enjoy the journey, even if it’s challenging at times.

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