City of Portland and Multnomah County 2009 Climate Action Plan

It was exciting to be a part of new developments as Commissioner Jeff Cogen presented the 2009 Climate Action Plan at Portland Business Alliance Sustainability Committee Meeting this morning. The GoGreen Conference was invited to present at this meeting, and we were thrilled to be in attendance with the local business movers and shakers that care about sustainability in Portland. Did you know? Portland is currently the only city in the country in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

The most promising highlights that Multnomah County is working on in conjunction with the City of Portland:

  • Portland is leading the way in building retrofits; goal is to reduce total energy use of all buildings built before 2010 by 25 percent
  • Reduce vehicle emissions by 50% and fuel efficiency to 40 MPG
  • Recover 75 percent of all waste generated.

…and there is so much more! It is a thrill to know that Portland is leading the way in on the forefront of sustainability for our and our kids’ future.

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